Anyone for MUD Reviews?

I haven’t blogged anything for a while so I thought it would be fun to play some new MUDs and post reviews of them here. So if anyone wants me to review their MUD please let me know!

I run a MUD of my own so obviously I can’t claim to be completely free from bias, but I will try to make the reviews as fair and impartial as possible.

If none of my vast readership have suggestions I’ll start picking some reasonably well known MUDs to start with. Watch this space…

7 comments on “Anyone for MUD Reviews?

  • george  says:

    Good question. Besides the well-known muds (which I think would be good to review just as something to compare to) I would be interested in your opinion of Archons of Avenshar, ConQUEST, God Wars 2, Blood Dusk, Aeonian Dreams, and Netrunners.

  • matt  says:

    I haven’t forgotten about this and have written a good chunk of my AU review which I will post soon.

    All good suggestions George. I have to admit I’m no great fan of GW2 or Netrunners so I’m not sure I’d want to review them as I’d like to be as positive as possible.

  • Jamdog  says:

    Does this include the ‘small’ MUDs – ones with very few players, with only a handful of dedicated Imms, who are constantly updating the MUD. The ones that aspire to become like the well-known MUDs, but lack a team of full-time coders, builders and support staff. In other words, the kinda MUD I like to play and create.
    Trigun MUD is the one I’m currently working for, and I’ve just used FMud to create it’s Facebook portal app at

  • aJ  says:


    It’s an awesome cyberpunk moo with a unfortunately small playerbase. Alot of love is in the game though. Check it out. 5555


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