Leaving Maiden Desmodus

I’ve recently left the staff of Maiden Desmodus and am no longer involved with the game in any way. I’ve also sold my share in The Binary Forge Limited to my former business partner Wade Gustafson and he is now in charge of running the game and any future development.

I was really sad to leave the game, although my working relationship with Wade had become increasingly strained over the last year.┬áIt’s difficult to walk away from something completely like that when you’ve put so much into it, but unfortunately that’s the way it has to be.

I’ve enjoyed interacting with all the great players I met on MD and I wish them all the best for the future. I’m sure Wade will continue to develop the game and I wish him every success.

My non-mudding time is quite busy right now so I’m in no hurry to look for another project just yet but as always I have some ideas that I’m thinking about.

In the mean time I really will get to doing those mud reviews I promised!

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