Avalon Prompt for MUSHclient Version Two

I think this is an improvement on version 1, but it’s a little bigger and has more information so YMMV.

Avalon prompt plugin for MUSHclient v2I’ve removed the H, M and P labels as they seemed superfluous and I’ve added some more functionality with the plugin now containing two lines of information.

From left to right on the top we have: health gauge with current, percentage and last change values ; mana guage with current, percentage and last change values; current afflictions, colour coded.

On the bottom line there are five coloured boxes representing different balances, from left: arm balance; equilibrium; potion sipping; allheale; healing herbs. These are followed by the regular prompt letters and then a list of exits from your current location. The exit names are clickable to move in the given direction and colour coded with regular exits in white, open doors in green and closed doors in red. The final item is the name of your current location with the area and terrain type.

The affliction tracker requires you trigger the messages for both the affliction and the cure. The plugin isn’t supposed to be a complete system so I’ve only included a couple of examples for despair and vomitting but it should be easy to extend. There is an alias “clearaffs” which will clear the tracker manually.

I’ve also made a couple of changes to how packets are parsed which should stop intentional double linebreaks being omitted, while still suppressing most additional blank lines. If you prefer an empty line whenever the mud usually sends a prompt there are details in the plugin source of which line to change.

I also fixed a bug with the room name parsing that wasn’t handling names with commas and hyphens in them. Hopefully this should now work with every location.

You can download version 2 from the downloads page.

One comment on “Avalon Prompt for MUSHclient Version Two

  • Matt  says:

    As requested I’ve updated the plugin so that each affliction in the affliction tracker is now clickable. You can set what you want sent to the mud for each affliction in the affs_cure table. This is evaluated by mushclient so you can use aliases or separate multiple commands using ; (or whatever you’ve set this to).


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