Bulletin Board Plugin for Avalon

Here’s another MUSHclient plugin for Avalon, though I am sure it could be adapted fairly easily for any mud with an in game note or bulletin board system.

The plugin stores bulletin board posts in an sqlite database so you can search for a particular word or phrase or find all posts from or to a character.

The plugin has two commands:


Brings up a list of available sections to search from. Click on a section to select it. Click on ALL to search posts from every section.

bbsearch <[from|to|subject|msg|date]> <term>

Search the database for posts where the specified field contains the term, eg. bbsearch from genesis.

The plugin will automatically create the database file avalon.sqlite in your main MUSHclient directory and capture posts to the database as you browse the  bulletin board in game.

I haven’t included any existing post data so you will have to capture it yourself in order to make use of the plugin. The easiest way to do this is to enter the bulletin board and select the section you want to log. Enter read 1 to put yourself at the start and then set a timer to send next every half a second or so while you go off and do something else. The public section has over 25k posts so it can take a while but it should all be automatic.

You can get the plugin from the downloads page.


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