My Xpango Experience

Xpango is one of those websites that promise “free” gifts if you collect enough points by signing up for various products and services and/or referring other people to do the same. While Xpango has been around for several years, I’m usually very skeptical of these schemes so I thought I would share my positive experience here.

Each gift Xpango offer has a credit value with one credit being worth approximately £10. You gain from 1 to 4 credits for each affiliate offer you complete, as well as 1 credit for each person you refer who also completes at least one offer. When you sign up you have to select your initial gift to work towards, but this can be freely changed at any time.

I decided to go for an Apple TV for 10 credits.

The Offers

Offer: Prime Scratch Cards
Credits: 2
Paid In: £10
Paid Out: £21
Start Date: 16.01.12
Completed Date: 27.01.12

Offer: William Hill Bingo
Credits: 3
Paid In: £10
Paid Out: £25.86
Start Date: 17.01.12
Completed Date: 18.01.12

Offer: Backupify
Credits: 2
Paid In: NA
Paid Out: NA
Start Date: 19.01.12
Completed Date: 21.01.12

Offer: Bingo Liner
Credits: 3
Paid In: £10
Paid Out: £0
Start Date: 21.01.12
Completed Date: 25.01.12

The gambling offers are a good choice provided you have the discipline not to gamble beyond the minimum required to complete the offer. Most of them will match your initial stake so with a bit of luck you can make at least some of it back, although do read the fine print.

I figured that the most I could lose was £30 which was an acceptable amount to risk for something valued at £99. As it turned out I actually made a net profit of £16.86 from the three gambling offers. The Backupify offer was just a free 30 day trial with no payment information required and no commitment to continue so that seemed like another easy 2 credits.

As you can see all offers except Prime Scratch Cards completed within a week and overall I was impressed with the speed that Xpango tracked the offers and credited them to my account. However it took much longer to actually receive the gift.


16.01.12 – Signed up for first offer.
27.01.12 – Final offer completed.
31.01.12 – Emailed Xpango to ask when gift would be despatched.
31.01.12 – Reply stating gift will be despatched after verification process of 30 days.
29.02.12 – Emailed Xpango for update.
02.03.12 – Reply stating due to backlog of orders gift will be despatched week beginning the 15th.
09.03.12 – Email from Xpango asking if I wanted to wait for the 3rd gen Apple TV (official release date 16.03.12)
25.03.12 – Emailed Xpango for update.
29.03.12 – Reply stating gift had been ordered via Amazon and should arrive within 10 days.
04.04.12 – Apple TV (3rd gen) arrived!

So a couple of things to take away from this; firstly it takes a while from completing the offers to actually getting your stuff! I don’t quite know what the “verification process” is but I assume it’s mostly so they can stall you as long as possible to improve their cashflow.

On a positive note though they usually replied to my emails within a couple of days. I’m not sure how much of the delay at the end was due to waiting for the new model to be released/stocked/despatched  but the whole process took just over 2 months from offer completion to the gift arriving.


If you’re not in a hurry then I can definitely recommend Xpango. I spent a couple of hours playing some online bingo and other games (making a £16 profit in the process!) and then a couple of months later I got a brand new 3rd generation Apple TV. While I did have to chase them a few times they replied promptly and gave me all the information I asked for. I certainly never felt like I wasn’t going to get my gift eventually.

[I’ve included my referral code in the Xpango links in this post.]

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