Project Gorgon Kickstarter Unsuccessful

I guess I just don’t get Kickstarter. On the one hand you have people with significant industry experience who actually have a working prototype, and on the other you have these guys.

I think if Eric has another go he should concentrate more on selling the overall game experience to potential players rather than shining a spotlight on individual parts of the design. Reading his blog I thought a lot of the things he was doing sounded really cool, but I never really got a good sense of how it all fitted together to make a cohesive and interesting virtual world.

One comment on “Project Gorgon Kickstarter Unsuccessful

  • george  says:

    Yeah, that’s kind of a head scratcher on the face of it. On the other hand, those goals are relatively small potatoes compared to other big Kickstarter successes in games, so you could easily explain it just based on the lead guy for Caerrus having a ton of people in his WoW guild :).


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