Bring Out Your Dead MUDs

Bring out your deadA while back I posted on TMC asking if anyone had any neglected or defunct MUD games lurking on their hard drive or server and if they would be interested in letting me revamp them and relaunch them as a new game.

I kept the initial post pretty vague as I wanted to just throw it out there and see what came back but I elaborated on what I wanted to do in subsequent posts. The thread wandered off topic after that but that’s the nature of TMC and at least it kept it on the front page for a while.¬†Unfortunately I only received a single response and after having a look at it I didn’t think that game was really suitable for what I wanted to do.

I’m disappointed and had hoped there might be a few more games that are no longer maintained or even operational that the owner might be willing to turn over to see relaunched. I could understand if maybe people were worried I was going to misappropriate their work or something, but nobody contacted me with any concerns like that.

I had thought it might be a fun challenge to take a fully fleshed out hack and slash type game and revamp the combat and skills system, maybe add in some area control or faction elements to the clan system and smarten it up with a nice web client with MXP style links, graphical map etc.

There are several full games that have been publicly released so I might start there instead, but I had hoped there might be a forgotten gem that someone would want to see remade.


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