Maiden Desmodus Player and Revenue Data

I’ve been going through old backups recently and came across some account and payment data for Maiden Desmodus.

These figures are for the first year of opening from June 2009 to June 2010.


Total Revenue    7300
Total Transactions    62
Unique Users    2159
Unique Paying Users    18
ARPU    0.28
ARPPU    33.80

ARPU is the Average Revenue Per User and I’ve calculated it by dividing the total revenue by the number of unique users and then dividing by 12 to give a monthly average.

ARPPU is Average Revenue Per Paying User and is the same except that I’ve divided by the number of unique paying users.

All revenue figures are in British Pounds.

Played time

Total Users    2159
Users who played more than 1 minute    1370
Users who played more than 10 minutes    956
Users who played more than 30 minutes    363
Users who played more than 1 hour    252
Users who played more than 10 hours    76
Users who played more than 20 hours    63
Users who played more than 30 hours    53

I’m not sure how accurate these figures are as I can’t remember if I tracked played time when we first opened. I have a feeling I added it a little later so that could skew the data a little, although anyone who logged in after I implemented the tracking would have had their played time updated.

4 comments on “Maiden Desmodus Player and Revenue Data

  • georgek  says:

    If you didn’t track time when you opened it was very soon after, I remember the stat and I played near the beginning I think.

    Really interesting numbers, the ARPPU looks higher than what I remember IR reporting. I wonder how the conversion compares — and where that’s commonly calculated? If we take all players who’ve played past 1 hour it’s at about 14%. There’s an interesting chart here, , and that 14% looks right on but of course you can’t really compare without knowing how they’re calculating things.

    • Matt  says:

      Yeah I guess it all depends on how you define an active user; whether it’s literally everyone who ever logged in, or just those who played more than once in a month or for a certain amount of time etc.

      It may be that because IRE have a much greater footfall their ARPPU figures are diluted a little but I would expect that their top whales spend more than ours did simply because they have a lot more stuff for sale.

    • Matt  says:

      Good question and I really have no idea. Next time it would probably be good to keep track of that.

      We started in June 2008 so it was around a year before opening and I’d say I was doing 15 or so hours a week for most of that. I don’t know if Wade was doing more or less than that but it was essentially the product of two people working part time for a year.


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