Star Trek Online Cheap Account Upgrade

Star Trek OnlineStar Trek Online launched back in 2010 as a paid box with an ongoing monthly subscription, but nowadays it’s a free download with no additional fees required.

The game has a cash shop but also offers a monthly gold membership as well as a lifetime subscription.

Gold members pay $12.99 a month and get an extra character slot, additional inventory, bank and bridge officer slots and a shared account bank. They also receive free skill re-spec tokens on their characters as they level up and $5 worth of virtual currency per month.

The good thing is that you keep the tokens and all the extra slots even after your gold membership ends so it’s worth subscribing for a month just to get them added to your account.

An original retail box will also upgrade your account to gold for a month and since the game became free the stock has been sold at a heavy discount with prices as low as a couple of dollars. This is much cheaper than subscribing for a month and gives the same benefits.

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