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Maiden Desmodus Player and Revenue Data


I’ve been going through old backups recently and came across some account and payment data for Maiden Desmodus. These figures are for the first year of opening from June 2009 to June 2010. Revenue Total Revenue    7300 Total Transactions    62 Unique Users    2159 Unique Paying Users    18 ARPU    0.28 ARPPU… [more]

Maiden Desmodus Player Guide


Going through some old backups I came across this Maiden Desmodus Player Guide and as the game is probably never coming back I thought I’d post it here for future generations to enjoy, or not as the case may be. Looking at it now I still think it’s really well written (not by me I hasten to… [more]

Mass Warfare in MMOs

Mass Warfare in MMOs

One of the cool things I like in Maiden Desmodus is how you can recruit and train troops and then assemble them into squads before marching them around the game world to take control of different areas. The troops can’t be attacked like regular NPCs but can be battled with other military units in a… [more]

Maiden Desmodus Update


This is an update to my previous post and I hope the final word on what’s been going on. It turns out that my suspicions were correct and the new owner of Maiden Desmodus is in fact the old owner who had supposedly died. I don’t condone it, but after having talked to him I… [more]

Maiden Desmodus Ownership Woes


Maiden Desmodus has been up and down for a while now and with the official forums offline and uncertainty over the future of the game I thought I’d post a little history of the current situation. If you’ve been following along you’ll know that in March 2011 I sold my shares in The Binary Forge… [more]

Are Commercial MUDs Still Viable?

Commercial MUDs are already a minority within a tiny niche market and with many quality free games struggling to attract players, who in their right mind would think that a commercial MUD could be successful? This certainly seems to be the prevailing view over at TMC, but I believe commercial MUDs are far more viable… [more]

Leaving Maiden Desmodus

I’ve recently left the staff of Maiden Desmodus and am no longer involved with the game in any way. I’ve also sold my share in The Binary Forge Limited to my former business partner Wade Gustafson and he is now in charge of running the game and any future development. I was really sad to… [more]

Integrating Kongregate Authentication

We recently launched Maiden Desmodus on Kongregate and part of converting the client for their site involved integrating their user authentication with our own account system. This was a fairly simple process, but I’ll outline the steps I took here in case it proves useful to anyone else. When users connect to Maiden Desmodus for… [more]

Maiden Desmodus Web Client Video

I’ve made another one of my fun Flash client videos, this time it’s a brief tour of the interface for the Maiden Desmodus web client.

Maiden Desmodus Out of Beta

We’ve decided to officially open Maiden Desmodus this month after 6 months of being in open beta. It’s not much of a difference given that we’ve been open to players since June and we’re not having any kind of player wipe but we are having a special event to celebrate on Friday 8th January at… [more]